USA Appraisals.Biz

Our Commitment

  We have a zero tolerance policy on value coercion by any one including any member of the loan production staff, USA Appraisals.Biz team , and/or borrower. Our system is set up with levels of control that allows only certain information to be filtered from one party to another. That information does not and never will include information about expected or predetermined value or conversations about any values. This system enables the appraiser to complete the assignment and determine the value free of influence from outside sources.

Each appraiser is provided with a username and password to our secure site whereby they can freely communicate to their USA Appraisals.Biz team any issues and or concerns they may have throughout the assignment of the file. All information is logged for reference and is available to the appraiser for work file updating. On our secure site, the appraiser is able to communicate with the USA Appraisals.Biz member, retrieve orders, view accounts receivables, update their profiles, and upload reports.

We retain all appraiser profiles right in our on line system for easy access by staff members and the appraisers for easy editing of coverage area changes and/or contact information changes. Our vendor relations department has secure controls in place to ensure that all compliance measures are met. USA Appraisals.Biz selects the best appraiser for the subject property. We don't steer appraisals based on compensation, but rather based their ability to offer the quickest and most accurate appraisal available and the appraiser knowing the area and that the appraiser is not 100 miles from the area that is being covered. USA Appraisals.Biz certifies that we do not provide the appraiser with any estimates of values, loan amounts etc.. It's our job to protect our clients by strictly prohibiting lender/client conversations that would violate Appraiser Independence.

All appraisal fees are collected in house by a USA Appraisals.Biz or paid to us by the lender by . Our staff coordinates payment with the borrower and payment goes out to appraiser within 30 days of completion. At no time will compensation be withheld or threatened to be withheld from the appraiser. All appraisers have access to our online system whereby they can keep track of their receivables and payable and ensure timely delivery of such. All appraisers are given direct access to our accounting department for any and all payment inquiries.